Welcome to Quoranan -- the Quora Answer Analysis tool.
Warning:This is just a plaything. It doesn't come with any support. It's an experiment. Tested on one machine (Mac), one browser (Chrome) and 2 accounts. It's also purely personal.
Quoranan is a simple tool that allows you to analyze your answers on Quora.
It's not automated, and requires that you download the answers yourself. The steps are:

1. Go to your answers page (i.e. http://www.quora.com/<User>/answers).

2. Click on "more" until all your articles are shown. Or drag this Expand Quora answers bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar and let it do the clicking for you.

3. Save the results to your computer as html.

4. Upload the html file you saved in the box below.

We then produce a list of all the questions you've answered, sorted by topic and with total number of votes. You can post this into a blog post on Quora, or anywhere else, e.g. a web page.
We don't store the data, we just give it back to you as html for easy pasting into other things.
Saved html from answers page: